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 Do you want an icebreaking session? Don't we need to know each other better first? This 30-minutes session is suitable for the initiation of our counselling workout. 1


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Terms and conditions:

  1. For making an appointment, please make sure that you provide an email address, a mobile phone number and a few days and time of your availability (in the comment box on the booking page). I will get back to you with my next availability within one of those dates. 

  2. Your friend has to book and attend a full-price session (although it will be $50 off) 

  3. By the reference books in Sexology, you will notice progress towards achieving your goals after a couple of sessions. Bundled sessions have to be attended within 2 months (3-4 sessions), and 4 months (10 sessions).

  4. My practice is a professional Sextherapy/Counselling business, not a retail store. There is no return policy on any purchases you made. Once you buy a product, you need to attend your sessions within the agreed time period. I understand that life is full of unexpected surprises, but, If you want to postpone a session for some really good reason, you need to make sure that you inform me no later than 48 hours (not 24 hours) to your session. Otherwise, that session is on without you! 


I am an accredited sexologist and psychosexual therapist, specialised in sexual behaviours, feelings, and interactions. I am passionate to help you to reconcile issues you may have with your sexual experiences, with the aim of improving your sexual life. Some of many areas of my practice are "Sex therapy, Sex counselling, couple therapy".  My sex therapy practice is in the Gold Coast and Brisbane, QLD. I am happy to meet and greet you there. I am also happy to offer my service over Skype (Contact me if that suits you).