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Erectile Dysfunction
Armin Ariana


For men, nothing can instil dread more effectively than the thought of not being able to ‘do it’. Psychologically, it can be damaging to the ego, beginning a cycle of perceived ‘sexual inadequacy’, and I have had friends discuss with me how unsuccessful sexual encounters can lower your self-esteem enough to essentially ensure that the event will occur again ad nauseam. Many are the stories of unsuccessful sexual liaisons, in large part due to the phenomenon of erectile dysfunction, and how physically frustrating these experiences can be, being unable to relieve sexual tension in the way that mother nature intended. The frustration can understandably undermine any relationship, as we all know that sexual intercourse is a very human experience, and in some respects, is a validation of intimacy between partners. Without this sexual ‘glue’, relationships can flutter and fail, taking serious integrity and understanding of the issue (from both sides) to ensure an ongoing partnership.

Fortunately, although being a very real problem that can affect large numbers of males, it is definitely treatable.

Gold Coast Sexology, Ariana Sexology, erectile dysfunction, Sex therapy

From simply needing more rest, or being prescribed medication, to simply cutting back on the cigarettes and/or alcohol,  there are a number of methods that have been proven effective in ameliorating the effects of ‘limpness’.

One often undiscussed cause is surprisingly common in modern society, and that is ‘death grip’, otherwise known as, being a wanker. Seriously. There is a vast difference between the feeling of one’s own hand on one’s own shaft, to the feeling of another’s parts on said shaft. With enough use, one can become desensitised to the feeling of actual sex, which is generally a softer and more sensitive experience, compared to the often rough and completely bludgeoning experience of a quick polish!


Often, there is one barrier that obstructs males from addressing the issue: pride. After all, what self-respecting alpha male is going to admit to another (presumably) self-respecting alpha male that he can’t perform his expected function as a man, let alone a female doctor who may ridicule or humiliate said man for his perceived lack of manliness? The answer is: none, even though it should not be an issue. However, as human beings (especially prideful males), our ego can get in the way of admitting that something is wrong or beyond our control to treat or fix ourselves.

As we are often told, though, we can’t handle everything by ourselves, and medical practitioners and sexologists are more than equipped to diagnose and suggest treatment for the issue!



I am a sexologist, accredited psychosexual therapist and a sex counsellor.

If you want to learn more, give me a visit (Gold Coast, Brisbane, Online) 

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Gold Coast Sexology, Ariana Sexology, erectile dysfunction, Sex therapy

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