Rendezvous: The art of enduring intimacy

Rendezvous: The art of enduring intimacy


In the five sessions of the "Rendezvous", I will show you how to listen passionately and communicate effectively with your partner.  We will explore the most important topics of conversation for a long-lasting relationship, and by the end of this course, you will be able to recognise ways you can and want to build a loving relationship with your partner.


For the act of love making, one needs to be not only physically undressed, but emotionally naked too. I will also show you how to build trust, defeat fears and anxiety of vulnerability and enjoy a pleasurable intimate relation with your partner.


Here is the "Rendezvous" program and what you are about to get in this journey.

  1. Five sessions of one-to-one online workshop
    • Session 1: Introduction, the art of listening eagerly and talking passionately [ 60-90 minutes]
    • Session 2: Let's learn about trust and commitment and acknowledge each other differences [ 30 minutes]
    • Session 3: Let's talk about Sex and Money [ 30 minutes]
    • Session 4: What is the future like? What adventure do I seek? [ 30 minutes]
    • Session 5: Fantasy, dreams and spirituality [ 30 minutes]
  2. In each session, you will also get a new Sexercise, a physical activity to feed the sexy curious brain and body.
  3. I will teach you the art of mindfulness, skill of self-awareness and show you how to become mindfully available to your partner
  4. You will get unlimited access to my online self-reflective quizzes
  5. After each session, you will also receive a follow up email with the checklist of task, conversation cues and all the guides.


Sextherapy like other counselling activities, demands time, patience and practice. Each session includes multiple activities, conversation, meditation and training workouts. 


Whether you are about to move in with someone or in the middle of dating someone, whether you are with your partner for many years or just about scribing your vows, the "Rendezvous" one-to-one online program will teach you the art of building a trustworthy relationship, making meaningful love, interacting for the ongoing passionate sensual and sexual pleasure.

  • Information about this program

    This is a pay-in-advance booking for your bundled offer of 5 sessions, Membership of my quiz library, and additional resources. You need to attend all your 5 sessions within 2 months of this booking.

    Once paid, please leave a message with your email address and a phone number and I will get back to you as soon as possible with my next available appointment to start your sexual care plan.

    Please read the T&C about attending your sessions and cancellation.


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    Please let me know (in the comment box) a few days and times that suit you best in the next few days to meet, and I will get back to you with my next available appointment. 

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