Learn the art of enduring intimacy

Whether you are about to move in with someone or in the middle of dating, whether you are with your partner for many years or just about scribing your vows,

in the "Rendezvous" one-to-one online course,

I will show you the art of building a trustworthy relationship, making meaningful love, and experiencing passionate sensual and sexual pleasure.


Are you ready to improve your sexual interaction with yourself and others?

Do you think you deserve a happier sex life?

If affirmative, then, this personalised course is perfect for you. 


Here is what you will get in your "Rendezvous one-to-one online course"

I am an accredited sexologist and psychosexual therapist, specialised in sexual behaviours, feelings, and interactions. I am passionate to help you to reconcile issues you may have with your sexual experiences, with the aim of improving your sexual life. Some of many areas of my practice are "Sex therapy, Sex counselling, couple therapy".  My sex therapy practice and service is offered in the Gold Coast, QLD and online via Skype.