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Responsive Desire
Armin Ariana


I can guarantee you that this information will be absolutely eye-opening. 

  • More than 20% of Australian women didn’t enjoy sex last time they had it.

  • At least one million Australian men weren’t able to get or keep an erection sufficient for penetration.


You might ask why! What happened to the excitement in their sex lives, their desires, and their intimacy? Well, our sexual relationship starts with those “bubbly, spontaneous, feeling sexy” type of desire, but in the long run, we need to build something called:   “The Responsive Desire”. 

This one comes from an appreciation or feeling connected to our partner.


Lover's Embrace

You may wonder how to turn on your “Responsive Desire”. Here is your first step; Your first exercise for today! My mentor and role model, John Gottman calls it “I appreciate” exercise. 


Think of a few positive characteristics of your partner (Only the positive ones, Yes!) You can use the list below for some inspiration or come up with your own. Select a few that you think would describe your partner, and then write a specific example for each. 


You can think, for example, “my partner is strong.” Now, I would like you to write your expression of appreciation to your partner. Something like, “I appreciate how strong you are.” This is already wonderful. Now, write down a specific narrative for each of those characteristics and share it with your partner. This will be just the first step to create the closeness between you and your partner.


Example of positive characteristics
Active; Adaptable; Adventurous; Ambitious; Appreciative; Artistic; Authentic; Aware; Balanced; Bold; Brave; Calm; Capable; Caring; Cheerful; Clever; Compassionate; Confident; Conscientious; Considerate; Courageous; Creative; Curious; Daring; Dedicated; Dependable; Determined; Devoted; Easygoing; Empathetic; Enduring; Ethical; Fair




I am able to provide you with an actionable, research-based insight that is proven to make your relationship from “plain staring-at-the-ceiling boredom” to “mind-blowing”.


I have a number of programs in my practice, that will guide you in your journey, save you a lot of Time, Money and Energy. Therefore, you can use more of those (time, money and energy!) efficiently for your relationship. 

to learn and to play. 


I am a sexologist, accredited psychosexual therapist and a sex counsellor.

If you want to learn more, give me a visit (Gold Coast, Brisbane, Online) 

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