Sexual Performance Enhancement Program

Experiencing issues in your sexual performance?

Concerned about your penis size, or your endurance? 

Encountering erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation?

Feeling low desire sexually?

 Don't you think you deserve a happier sex life?

Ready to improve your sex life & your sexual interaction?

Let me show you the how-to in this personalised one-to-one program.

Perhaps you feel under great pressure because one can fake an orgasm but can't fake an erection. In this one-to-one personalised program (including 5 full-hour sessions), I will Support you to identify possible physiological causes, help you specifically address and defeat the Psychological connections and Enhance your sexual performance Physically and Emotionally.

If you recognise any of these, this program is ideal for you: 

Anxiety, stress or depression around your sexual behaviour

Anxiety about sexual performance or sexual identity

Negative thought pattern about your body image and your penis size

Fear of sexually transmitted infections or unwanted pregnancy

Sexual problems with a partner

Sexual boredom

Lack of communication in the relationship

Other relationship issues


Here is what you will get in your "Sexual Performance Enhancement Program"

Sexual Performance Enhancement Program

What is Sexual Performance Enhancement Program?

At Ariana Sexology, I offer a Sexual Performance Enhancement Program that you and I, your sextherapist, will design and put together to help and reconcile your performance concerns or conditions. This plan helps you to access a number of resources, discounted sessions and online tests and evaluative quizzes, all together in a discounted price. In this personalised one-to-one program, I will help you identify possible physiological causes for your sexual performance concerns, and help you specifically address and defeat its psychological connections. I will show you the how to's for enhancing your sexual performance physically and emotionally.

Who can benefit from this Program?

You! Yes you can. The Sexual Performance Enhancement Program can be useful for people with any kind of distress and anxiety in their sexual life, ranging from sexual body image, including penis size and girth to its behaviour in any sexual interaction. From an exhaustive list of concerns that I see in practice, these are the common areas that most definitely can benefit from this program. Anxiety, stress or depression around sexual behaviour; Anxiety about sexual performance or sexual identity; Negative thought pattern about body image and penis size, girth and shape; Fear of sexually transmitted infections or unwanted pregnancy; Sexual problems with partner; Sexual boredom; Lack of communication in the relationship; Other relationship issues You don’t have to be diagnosed with any of those or have a sexual health condition to enter this program. So, simply ask or purchase this program; and in your first session, we will talk about your care plan, explore your situation and identify your goals. This program will help you make those goals more achievable.

What is included in the program?

You will get my full support in this journey and I will offer you

  1. Five personalised one-to-one full-hour sessions.
  2. In each session, you will be guided with techniques for enhancing your sexual pleasure and my unique method of revitalising, enhancing and strengthening your penis and your mindset.
  3. In each session, you will also learn a new Sexercise, physical activity to feed the sexy curious brain and body, to practice with your partner.
  4. I will also teach you the art of mindfulness, the skill of self-awareness. You will soon see why you need to be mindfully available in your sexual act, solo or with a partner.
  5. You will get unlimited access to my online library of self-reflective quizzes
  6. After each session, you will also receive a follow-up email with the checklist of the task, cues and all the guides.

How do I get into this program?

If this is your first time booking, you can simply select this program and add it to your shopping basket and check out. Remember to add in the comment box, a few days and times that suit you best to meet, and I will contact you for your first session and we proceed from there. If you are already in session with me, ask for Sexual Performance Enhancement Program or simply purchase this plan and we can definitely switch into it. Entering to a Sexual Performance Enhancement Program makes your sessions more affordable while you will enjoy all the other benefits and added bonuses. It is very essential though, that you pencil down all your 5 sessions in your upcoming 2 months calendar. It is not 5 sessions for a year-long therapy, it is intensive and it needs your commitment. That means you have to attend your sessions at least every fortnight. I will make those 5 appointments with you on your first session. It is a good idea to bring your diary and all your other rosters to organise this program.

How do I know if this program is suitable for me?

This program is ideal for you, if you recognise any of these in your sexual relationship:

  • Anxiety, stress or depression around your sexual behaviour
  • Anxiety about sexual performance or sexual identity
  • Negative thought pattern about your body image and your penis size
  • Fear of sexually transmitted infections or unwanted pregnancy
  • Sexual problems with your partner
  • Sexual boredom
  • Lack of communication in the relationship
  • Other relationship issues
​​​It is understandable that talking about your sex life with a sexologist or a sextherapist might feel uncomfortable, stressful and overwhelming, but if you’ve been experiencing some sex-related concern in yourself or your relationship for some time, you may start feeling ‘that is your normal life’, even though you suspect that other people might feel sexually happier. You don’t have to wait longer to make it become more serious before you see a sextherapist. If you think something is not right in your sex life, it’s always worth talking to a properly trained sexologist. Meeting a sextherapist once in a blue moon might be useful if you just have one question to ask, or if you need a follow-up on a therapy program, but to achieve some actual change in your sex life, practice, perseverance, commitment and multiple consecutive sessions are needed.

What is my practice cancellation policy?

My practice is a professional Sextherapy/Counselling business, not a retail store. There is no return policy on any purchases you made. Once you buy a product, you need to attend your sessions within the agreed time period. I understand that life is full of unexpected surprises, but, If you want to postpone a session for some really good reason, you need to make sure that you inform me no later than 48 hours (not 24 hours) to your session. Otherwise, that session is on without you!

I am an accredited sexologist and psychosexual therapist, specialised in sexual behaviours, feelings, and interactions. I am passionate to help you to reconcile issues you may have with your sexual experiences, with the aim of improving your sexual life. Some of many areas of my practice are "Sex therapy, Sex counselling, couple therapy".  My sex therapy practice and service is offered in the Gold Coast, QLD and online via Skype.

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