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The Fast-track Elite Program [VIP Members]

(Confidence, performance & communication)

Fast-Track Elite Program is a personalised, one-to-one, 12-week face-to-face (or online) coaching and consulting program in which I show you everything you need to know to improve and enhance your confidence, performance and relational/sexual communication to beat bedroom boredom, spark things up again and defeat any performance issues you might have. 

Using the principles of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) in this program, you will learn, optimise and adjust the triad of thinking, feeling and behaviour essential to boost your desire, arousal and pleasure. 

I will help you upskill yourself to increase the Desire, Arousal, and pleasure in your relationship, help it flourish again and rekindle the spark between your sheets.

The second session in 2 weeks is a virtual online learning class where I will send you more information about talking about sexual feelings, myth-busting facts, and additional training to increase your sexual relaxation.

A personal 90-minute consultation session where I explore with you a whole narrative of your life, your intimate life and things that you learnt about sex in the past. Then you will learn about developing comfort, relaxation, and cooperation in your relationship through a couple of assignments to work on (alone and with your partner) for two weeks.



2-weeks later, in our 3rd session, we go for another 60-90 minutes of personal consultation when we review your progress, identify the road bumps and the positive achievements, and you will learn more about how to promote your Desire, Arousal and pleasure. There will be a series of exercises to follow individually and as a couple which will increase valuing relaxed pleasure, touch, sexual exploration, and playfulness.


Our 4th session in 2-week time will be about Arousal and eroticism. I will provide you with guides and online material (readings and presentation) where you build confidence with your Arousal and erotic pleasuring.


The 5th session is another 60-90 minutes of personal consultation session when we review your progress and learn about enjoying eroticism while exploring flexible types of highly arousing sexual behaviour.


In the 6th and last session (which is an online educational package), you will learn how to review and identify your satisfying sex, how to maintain that obtained couple's satisfaction and how not to let it relapse and keep it existing.  


You're reading this today for a reason, something in your sex life isn't perfect, and you want to fix it. So, you know where you are and probably know where you want to go.


The only thing left is how you are going to get there. Today, you have the chance to grab the roadmap that shows you exactly how to get there, achieve those goals and make them desirable, arousing, and pleasurable.


We want something beyond the design for procreation; we want the excitement, the joy of connection, and the sense of not being lonely or dying alone. So, if you are with me, let me offer you a couple of bounces to get you more excited.

Priced originally 1000$, I am offering you to join this program for only 600$ today. That is a 400$ discount for being on my VIP list, for being my client in the past, for asking me a question and for putting your trust in me.  


Your Bonuses to Keep

If you join today, you will also get full access to the library of online self-reflective sex life quizzes, which is usually 100$, and you can explore your sexual understanding, sexual satisfaction, relationship satisfaction and many more!


When you finish your program, you will also get my secret course, "Shades of grey toolkit". As the LoveHoney medical advisor, I have the privilege to play around and explore lots of toys with joy. I have learnt a lot about things that make your sex life much spicier, not just kinky spicy, but emotionally and physically 100 times more rewarding. This course alone is about $200, and you will get full access to the training at the end of your program for free and a lifetime free.


By the end of this program, I will give you lifetime free access to another 200$ course, named "Positions inventory stress-free", It is about natural, non-acrobatic positions that most people can do, and not just porn stars or yoga instructors. It is not Kamasutra training; it is for real people! You will learn how to keep things working, not lose the heat, not get disconnected and not feel uncomfortable, stressed, stretched, or strained.


You will also get a fortnightly "Behaviour tracker" where you identify some long-term and short-term achievable habit shifts, keep a tab on your performance, monitor how well you did your assignment, what your achievements were and how to work on things that need improvement.


That is 900$ discount, my gift to you to say thank you for being part of my journey, being my client or trusting me at some point in your life. It is also February, and around Valentine, perhaps you had an amazing one, or completely missed it, or didn't take any action; whatever happened, this program will give you all the insight and skills you need to consider that every day could be your Valentine's Day. 

So, to recap, when you sign up today, you will get into the Fast-track Elite program, a 12-week program including fortnightly online / F2F consultation and all the e-learning material in it (usually $1000); you will get unlimited access to my online sex life library of quizzes (worth $100).


And, at the end of the program, you will receive lifetime access to two of my best mini-courses, "Shades of grey toolkit - $200" & "Positions inventory stress-free - $200". You will also get a fortnightly habit and behaviour tracker, with a summary of your assignments and a to-do list to track your work. I haven't priced that one yet!


That is not all the good parts, you can also decide whether you want to pay the total amount of 600$ at once, or you can choose to go into a payment plan (4 equal payments of $150 - Simply select the AfterPay button).

Click the button below, join now, and learn how to bring the spark back into your intimate life and relationship, how to beat the boredom in your bedroom and how to get rid of any performance anxiety, once and for all. 


You will also receive a couple of bounces that you can't find anywhere else on my website, and with literally 900$ worth of skills and information (that I'll give you as a sign of my appreciation), you will have a lot to celebrate with your special one not for one valentine day but for every day of being together.



Here is what you will get in your "Fast-Track Elite Program"

I am a clinical sexologist and accredited psychosexual therapist, specialising in sexual behaviours, feelings, and interactions. I am passionate about helping you to reconcile issues you may have with your sexual experiences, with the aim of improving your sexual life. Some of the many areas of my practice are "Sex therapy, Sex counselling, and couple therapy". My sex therapy practice is in the Gold Coast and Brisbane (QLD, Australia). I am happy to meet and greet you there (weekdays), or you can enjoy online sessions over Skype, Zoom and FaceTime (Anywhere, After-Hours, Weekends). 

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